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Planning a garden revamp?

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


These are questions that either you or the professional hired will ask to start the project on the right foot.

1st – Location

These are questions or observations to look for as soon as you step into the scene.

The answers will lead to the kind of material needed to succeed, independent of the style. (Will determine the plants)

· Where is the space located? Is it a rooftop, a slope, is it North, West, is it indoors…

· What elements is it surrounded by? Any element that will bring shade, air convection currents, or challenges, like a pool or water feature.

The 2nd - The Use (Will help to determine the style)

· What is expected of the space?

· What is it going to be used for?

· Who is going to use it?

This is key because if a minimalist green lawn is desired and is going to be used by 5 dogs, regardless of the breed or size, is going to be very difficult to almost impossible to keep up or even thrive. And this will lead you to the 3rd important question.

3rd – Maintenance

· Who is going to keep the space?

· How is it going to be watered?

This will also help to determine or rethink the plant material because the right choice is going to take the garden to success.

4th – Existing Elements

· What type of soil exists? See if it needs to be improved or changed in some way. (Hand in hand with plants)

· Are there existing elements and are they staying?

5th - The Plants

Consider including and/or play with

· Texture, size, and color

· High or vertical elements

· Focal point and/or theme

· Filling plants

· Groundcovers

If you don’t have any expertise with plants but want to experiment and try to start with a small design, follow those questions, be playful and go for it.

Don’t get overwhelmed into the academics of the different styles in landscape design, or the basics of general design, just do what you like having in consideration the facts that are going to take you to a wise decision regardless of the plants picked for your specific space that only you know how it’s going to be used and maintained.

Have fun!

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