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The Tropical Planter

This is a small garden, lawn, and a planter along the back wall, no more than 150 m2 in an urban setting, in the middle of a very busy city, but a place to escape, go out to sunbathe, set tables for a family lunch and a good daily view.

It has always to look nice, interesting, but it must be easy to maintain, and for that you always must work with the environment. Not only the environment of the busy city but the one that is created in that specific spot surrounded by walls that bring shade.

The idea was to have a background that draws attention to it, a macro arrangement of plants, basically. Textures, colors, formats, and sizes, all that combine with each other, so that they always go with the background wall, regardless of the color that it is painted. The planter was perfect. It already has height and invites you to sit and enjoy the plants closely.

Taking advantage of the humid temperate climate, I had the luxury of working with any material or style, but the tropical always evokes exuberance and that always entertains the senses.

Plants chosen:

  • Windmill palm: Trachycarpus fortunei

  • Crotons mix: Codeum Magnificent, Dwarf Sunny Star, Mammy yellow and red

  • Clivias

  • Zyngonio dwarf varigated

  • Dracaenas: fragrans, massangeana

  • Philodendron hastatum

  • lawn: zoysia japonica

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