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Trust Nature, Leave the Leaves

In climate zones where there’s seasons people have picking up leaves on their Fall task list.

This specific task has been around for so long, that nobody questions it for long time – they just think that is the way to go, obviously it’s what needs to be done. But we are leaving aside our observations and questions, and just going by default.

There’s a reason for the leaves to fall and it’s part of a natural cycle. This cycle will never be negative to the ecosystem.

I can expand a bit more about the cycle of the falling leaves in autumn, but for a quick answer for the leaves situation I’ll say: Trust Nature.

The leaves can be used for sure, there’s no need to get rid of them. Mulching them is the best way to go, but the questions appears when we start thinking how.

Here are some guidelines:

1. You can mow and pick and use it in beds adding additives to complete the compost cycle.

2. You can push everything into beds as a thick blanket and then remove when the spring is in.

3. You can mow and leave on the ground the remaining leaves so they will disintegrate for the spring.

4. You can bag some, if you have a ton, let them decompose there and use them in the spring as well.

5. You can do it all or some depending on the size of your garden/yard vs the number of trees and bushes.

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